Sound Systems are set up and operated by our qualified Sound Technicians. Each is skilled in system set up, system operation, mixing for your audience, and mixing for performer's monitor sound. We are renowned for courtesy and attention to your performers, your organizers, and your audiences. We know how to to stay on festival schedule setting the next band in 15 minutes or less. To be kind to your audience's ears, we believe Sound Pressure Levels should not exceed 100db (as measured at the mixer with C weighting and slow response) . We are responsive to requests for appropriate volume from venue owners. If your performance has their own sound guy, they are welcome to run the mix. Our sound engineer stays with the performance to assure proper set up, sound check, and safety / security of equipment. When called to mix for installed systems, each person brings a complete set of microphones, stands, DIs, and cords.

What We Do

All Equipment (including transportation) is fully owned by David Glass. Equipment is stores in vehicles rather than warehoused. We are not servicing any debt or leasing storage space, which keeps costs low to your benefit.

We specialize in amplifying acoustic style music rather than large Stadium shows. We believe in clarity of sound rather than over-powering volume. With over 30 years of experience, we have provided Sound & Light for major multistage festivals like Texas Scottish Festival (Arlington), North Texas Irish Festival (Dallas), and Dallas International Festival. We have served organizations like: Arlington, The Colony, West Lake, UTA, Waxahachie, IKEA (Frisco), Hispanic Wellness Fair, Chili Pepperama, Six Strings & Beans Coffee House, Club House Concerts, White Elephant Saloon, Dubliner Pub, and Trinity Hall. 

David Glass, a retired Engineer, is the Sole Proprietor of David Glass Sound Services located in North Arlington, Texas.  David graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1965 with a degree in Electronic Engineering. David worked  with Bell Helicopter flight and lab testing for 41 years. His job was digitizing test data, then use computers to display data for Test Engineers.  His education and career experience applies directly to the design of fine Digital Sound Systems. Doing Digital Live Sound is just like Data Acquisition using microphones instead of strain gages.