Carvin DCM series Power Amplifiers are installed two per 4 space case. Bottom two amps are Stereo Mains (left/right) and bridged Sub woofers. Top two amps are for 8 monitor speakers. All have multi-channel 10' input cables permanently attached at the back with XLR connectors ready to plug into mixer outputs. Each case weighs less than 30# thanks to class D amplification and switching power supplies.
Three cases hold six DCM2004L with 4x500wt each for monitor speakers. One case holds 2 DCM2000L with 2x1000wt each for smaller main speakers. One case holds 2 DCM3000L with 2x1500wt each for mid size main speakers. One case holds 2 DCM3800L with 2x1900wt each for big main speakers.
All Speaker cables are 50' 12 gauge copper with twist lock connections at each end. Cables are connected together when longer runs are needed 

Twelve Light weight Power Amplifiers