Mackie DL32r is for bigger bands with ch1 to ch24 inputs in 3 8ch stage boxes. ch25 to ch32 are input at mixer with IPod on 25/26 and CD Player on 27/28. Ad free Pandora break music can be played. 3 outputs drive 2 Carvin DCM2000L dual power amplifiers (bottom amp is bridged for subs) for main speakers. 8 outputs drive 2 Carvin DCM2004L quad power amplifiers for monitor speakers. 3 outputs can drive your In Ears Monitors (IEM) if needed. Each case weighs less than 40#.
Mackie DL1608 is for smaller bands with ch1 to ch16 in 2 8ch stage boxes.  All else functions same as 32 channel mixer. 
iPad control is through Apple AirPort router pole mounted for line of sight reception. Up to 10 Apple devices can control different mixes through the WiFi connection. Apple iPhones can down load free Mackie Master Fader v4.0 app if  band members want individual control of their monitor speaker or their own IEM.  Typically 2 iPads are for Front of House (FOH) with vocals on one & instruments on other. 3rd iPad is stand mounted for band leader control of monitor mix. 4th iPad is for stage side Sound Tech. iPads last about 8 hours without recharging. 

We can help with Mackie DL series iPad  WiFi controlled Digital Sound. To lower cost, we easily tie into Venue Main amplifiers and speakers when permitted. Or we bring our amplifiers and speaker stacks properly sized for your venue. 
​If you would like to evaluate  Mackie Digital Sound for your band, we can help with that.

Pictures below are Big Bands we have served. The venues are Waxahachie Civic Center, Caldwell Auditorium with BB King, Tyler, Annette Straus outdoor stage at Winspear, Dallas. Yes that is our LED WiFi iPad  controlled Lighting. We bring all microphones, stands, cables, and stage monitor wedges 

Does your Band need Sound?

Solo monitoring at FOH can be  wireless with Sennheiser 300IEM stereo monitor and Bose noise canceling headphones for easy adjustment of selected channels. 

Pictures below are outdoor stages we have served. The venues are Denton Friends with Benefits , The Colony 4th of July, Lena Pope Annual Benefit. 

Setting Up for biggest outdoor show we have served. Global Day of Prayer at UT Arlington Stadium. 10 main speakers, 4 sub speakers, driven by 8 separate outputs.

Pictures below are Smaller Bands we have served. The venues are Mariott Hotel Plano, White Elephant Saloon Fort Worth, Buttons Restuarant Fort Worth.