Sound Tech Costs
Most Jobs need two Sound Techs. Some jobs for small bands not needing heavy load in can be done with one Tech.

Our Sound Techs are $25/hour/person including set up, sound check, show and take down time.

Our Sound Techs can operate installed systems, cost is $25/hour, they bring mics, cords, stands and DIs.

We do not Rent Equipment without Sound Tech

Equipment Costs
32 channels are $320/day (includes two mains, two monitors & two iPads)
24 channels are $240/day (includes two mains, two monitors & two iPads)
16 channels are $160/day (includes two mains, two monitors & two iPads)
8 channels are $80/day (includes two mains, two monitors & two iPads)
Add $50/day for each additional iPad.
Add $50/day if more speaker pairs are needed (more mains, subs, monitors).
Add $10/day for each wireless channel required (headset mic or hand held)
Add $100/day for wireless controlled LED stage lights.
Add $50/day for Flood pairs with color gels.
Add $100/day for Multi Track Digital Recording (DL32r only) to your portable USB hard drive.
Add cost of Gasoline if beyond Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin, Johnson or Ellis Counties

You will be emailed a PDF Invoice detailing needs and cost for your approval. No deposit is needed.
Full Payment is required on the date of your event before equipment is unloaded.
‚ÄčIf you cancel (bad weather) before we travel you owe nothing. If you cancel after we arrive you owe full amount.

Costs for Equipment & Sound Techs