Two systems travel in the Cargo Van: ​The medium system is two sets (Left/Right) of 4 Yamaha  S15IV 15" drivers & 2" horns, with 2 Peavey  PV118 18" Subs. Monitor Speakers are 4 Community CSX28-S2 10" floor wedges. These speakers can be safely stacked two ways. The 1st is side by side above sub on 2' draped platform, perfect for hotel ball rooms with band midway on long wall. 2nd is sub flat on ground with two mains one above the other, perfect for outdoors when facing flat wall across street. Left is sent to middle speakers facing front, right is sent to top speakers facing  up and down the street. Lights mounted on pole are Hi Intensity 12w LED wired, WiFi controlled with iPad.
The small system  is two QSC K12 self powered speakers with one Peavey self powered PV118 18" sub. Monitors are 2 Yamaha SM10IV 10" floor wedges. Lights mounted on top are Hi Intensity 12w LED battery powered, WiFi controlled with iPad. This is our most compact system for performances in tight spaces.

​​​Two systems travel in the Box truck: The big system is two sets (Left/Right) of 6 Community CSX43 15" driver modified with Carvin 2" horns and crossovers, with 2 Carvin LS1802 dual 18" Subs. Monitor Speakers are 6 Yamaha SM12IV 12" floor wedges plus one 1 Peavey PV118 18" sub for the drummer.  
​The medium system is two sets (Left/Right) of 4 Yamaha  S15IV, with 2 Yamaha  SW118IV 18" Subs on 2' draped platform.  Monitor Speakers are 4 Yamaha SM12IV 12" floor wedges 

All Speaker Systems stand on the ground 
We do not truss speakers over head because of Texas Weather risk.
​440# ratchet straps secure speakers in place preventing accidental tipping,
The support/tie down system is designed safe in up to 60mph wind. 

Our Speakers Stacks, Big to Little