Mackie DL32r is for most productions with up to 16 actor/singer wireless microphones. We have recently (July 2018) changed wireless from Shure PGX (16 H6 band) to Shure dual channel BLX (3 H9 band, 3 H10 band, 2 J10 band). This upgrade was forced by FCC Frequency Auction to T-Mobile forcing local high power TV into H6 bands rendering PGX H6 unusable in certain areas. We have 16 body packs with dual ear hook headset mics or Lapel clip on mics. We have up to 6 Hand Held mics. Total wireless mics can not exceed 16 without mic sharing by actors.

Bands (which can be backstage or in front of stage in orchestra pit) have a 50 foot, 12 channel stage box for wired mics and Direct Inputs (DI box). Channel 29-32 is for ad free Pandora break music or 4 backing singers on 50' XLR lines. When not tied into Venue main speakers, 3 outputs drive 2 Carvin DCM2000L dual power amplifiers (bottom amp is bridged for subs) for main speakers. 8 outputs drive 2 Carvin DCM2004L quad power amplifiers for monitor speakers or band head phones. 2 QSC K8 self powered are side fills for actors.  Each case weighs less than 40#.
iPad control is through Apple AirPort Extreme routers pole mounted for line of sight reception. Typically 2 iPads are for Front of House (FOH) with actors on one & band on other. 3rd iPad is stand mounted for band leader control of monitor mix. 4th iPad is for stage manager to mute off stage actors. iPads last about 8 hours before needing recharge. 
Solo monitoring at FOH is wireless with Sennheiser 300IEM stereo monitor and Bose noise canceling headphones for easy adjustment of selected channel.
‚ÄčMackie DL1608 is for smaller productions needing 8 wireless and 8 wired channels.  All else functions same as 32 channel mixer. 

We can help with Mackie DL series iPad  WiFi controlled Digital Sound and up to 16 Wireless Microphones. To lower cost, we easily tie into Venue Main amplifiers and speakers when permitted. Or we bring our amplifiers and speaker stacks properly sized for your venue. 

Pictures below are served with 16 channels. The 1st picture is a Murder Mystery at Buttons Restaurant in Fort Worth produced by Chyna Robinson. We set our speakers well back from small stage to eliminate actor feedback when using venue speakers. It is our wireless LED controled lighting. The 2nd picture is a school Christmas Program at St Monica's in Iriving produced by Jane Moore. They wanted no trip wires at all, so the directors podium was rigged with an iPad to control mutes and a wireless CD player for backing tracks.

Need Wireless Mics for Stage Play?

Pictures below are Musicals with full Bands served with 32 channels. The 1st picture is Palace Theater in Grapevine for a Thomas King Production. The 2nd picture is Caldwell Auditorium in Tyler for a Demarcus Bailey Production. At both shows, we tied into theater main speakers plus theater monitor wedges. We bring all other equipment including microphones, stands, cables. By not hauling large heavy speakers, all equipment plus two sound guys traveled in a Honda Element. The lighting was provided by Venue