Our Sound System Transportation

Honda Element: When we are able to tie into Venue main speakers, we pack all equipment needed and have room for 2nd Sound Tech. Equipment packed includes 32 channel mixer with 4 iPads and wireless FOH Solo Monitor, 16 wireless headset mics, 12 wired channels for band including microphones cords and stands, and 8 channels of 500 watt power amplifiers. Still have room for 2 QSC K12 Main speakers and 4 Community 10" monitors plus spare mixer if needed

All our trucks are fully licensed, inspected and insured.

15' GMC box truck: carries the Big System and one Medium System. Microphones, stands, cords, lighting, hand carts, small 1000 wt generator, loading ramp, and power distribution is included. An analog Allen & Heath GL2200 with audio snakes and side racks is on board as back up.
12' Ford E250 Cargo Van: Carries a second medium system and small system. Microphones, stands, cords, lighting, hand cart, and power distribution is included. An analog Mackie 1604VLZ with audio snakes and side rack is on board as back up.