Sixteen Wireless Microphones

Shure PGX Receivers: 16 channels in a 8 space case placed on 6' speaker stand for clear line of sight reception.  Two 8 channel, 15' output cables connect to mixer. All have clear channel scanning, which chooses best channels once at venue. They are programmed in four groups with 9 available channels per group. All have infrared sync for transmitter channel matching. The white box mounted on top of rack is Apple Airport Extreme. it is WiFi router for iPad control of mixer and lights
Shure PGX Transmitters: We have 16 body packs with Dual Hook headset microphones. There are 8 1/4" guitar adapters making wireless DI boxes. There are 12 hand held microphones that substitute for body packs. Two fresh AA batteries are installed before each show. Batteries typically last 8 hours. All have single button operation (hold till green for on, press till orange for mute, press till green for talk, press and hold till off. If red, or won't turn off, needs fresh batteries. We prefer to manage mutes from iPad without burdening performer. Middle picture shows body packs prelabeled, ready for show.